Help your workforce shake those retirement ‘Janu-worries’

Link’s solutions can bring peace of mind and keep financial New Year’s Resolutions on track

New year, new you. The catchy phrase is seemingly on everyone’s lips as the calendar turns over. It’s a time of renewal, refocus . . . and resolutions.

These resolutions traditionally revolve around eating better, working out more, and minimizing screen time.

Growing in popularity, however, are resolutions around finances—in fact, a new poll reports that eight out of 10 adults will put renewed focus on their financial well-being in 2019.

Recent stock market volatility, increasing household debt, lack of retirement savings or plans, and the potential for the Bank of Canada to continue raising interest rates are the primary causes of these “Janu-worries”—and putting personal finances in the spotlight.

As a small to midsize employer, can you help your workforce keep those New Year’s Resolutions, save more, and retire better?

If you work with Link Investment Management, you sure can.

Tailored portfolios with flexibility

As an innovator in the financial wellness space, Link Investment Management is uniquely positioned to support your workforce with tailored and personalized investment portfolios.

Link’s plans include our own defined contribution pension plan, the Alberta Link Pension Plan (ALPP), group RRSPs, and group TSFAs, with portfolios consisting of non-branded Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that offer more flexibility and lower fees and expenses.

Link’s personalized approach means peace of mind for your employees. Regardless of what type of investments your business supports, your employees will have access to Link’s proprietary digital platform—easy to use, with 24/7 access and quick online enrolment.

Supporting retirement goals

Every business is unique, and every employee is unique. Link’s retirement portfolios are tailored to the individual, using our proprietary algorithm, ensuring the financial choices your employees make are in line with their goals.

When your employees use Link’s automated management portfolio platform, we start with a comprehensive questionnaire to determine risk tolerance, retirement objectives and time frame—matching their goals in both the short and the long term.

In it for the long haul

When it comes to responsible retirement investing, you can’t just set it and forget it. That’s why Link provides ongoing plan monitoring and management.

Our stewardship of those personalized, diversified and suitable investment portfolios includes ongoing, automatic rebalancing, as well as an annual checkup, with oversight by our team of experienced portfolio managers.

And as a business owner, what’s in it for you? Plenty. A plan like Link’s ALPP helps to alleviate many of the barriers that employers face in providing a pension for their employees—removing administrative and regulatory burden, while offering a lower and transparent fee structure.

As an employer, can you help erase your workforce’s “Janu-worries”?
You bet you can. Connect with us today to find out how Link’s solutions can support those resolutions.
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