Financial Wellness Benefit Plans

Attract, Retain, and Reward Valued Employees


  • Defined Contribution Pension Plans
  • Multi Employer Pension Plans
  • Group Retirement Savings Plans
  • Group Tax Free Savings Accounts
  • Employee Share Purchase Plans (Work In Progress)
  • Employee Stock Option Plans (Work In Progress)

Workplace savings plans are meant to attract, retain, and reward valued employees. At Link, this means providing employers an administration platform that exceeds their employees' expectation for service, performance, and education.

Our Solutions

Help Employers Establish, Manage, and Maintain a Financial Wellness Program

Link for Employers

Link has developed software for the cost-effective management and reporting of financial wellness benefit plans. We have created a single source solution for third-party group plan administration:

  • Member Enrollment
  • Member Communication and Education
  • Record Keeping
  • Reporting

Link for Employees

Straightforward processes designed to engage employees and increase their understanding of the benefits of their plan.

  • Orientation and Information Sessions
  • Open access for member enquiries
  • Fee transparency
  • Tailored portfolios

Your Solutions Provider

Financial wellness programs that fit your business
Link employs technology, new products, and client service models to provide employers the solutions they need to effectively manage their employee financial wellness program. And provide employees an enhanced experience with their plan.

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I was surprised to learn that the administration and management of the financial wellness benefit plans for small and medium businesses had not yet evolved digitally in Canada. An inefficient industry that lacks transparency and yet has high margins, in my opinion, is not only one ripe for disruption but also presents a tremendous opportunity for a company like Link Investment Management.

- Martin Pelletier, CFA, Co-Founder Trivest Wealth Counsel Ltd.
Financial Wellness Benefit Plans

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